What do I appraise?

Residential Contents: Essentially everything found in a home, such as Furniture, China, Flatware, Tools, Appliances, etc.
Antiques: Furniture, Sterling, China, Porcelain, Art, Books, Firearms, Militaria, Antiquities, American Indian Artifacts, Pre-Columbian Artifacts, Rugs
Coins and Stamps: Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Rare Coins, Rare Currency, US and Foreign Stamp Collections,
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Other Collectibles: Sports Memorabilia, Comics, Advertising, Anything with a collectible value
Motor Vehicles: Current as well as collectible Automobiles, all forms of transportation such as Airplanes, Trucks, Buses, RV's, Boats
Jewelry: Diamond, Precious and Semi-precious Stone, Gold, Silver, Costume, Watches, Pocket watches
Machinery: Farm, Ranch, Shop, All types

My appraisals are written in comprehensible terms, organized on a room by room or numerical basis, with photographs of the general contents of each room and close-ups of more important items. I charge by the hour, not based on value (an obvious conflict of interest), or by the item. Depending on the purpose of the appraisal (such as insurance, insurance loss, estate, divorce) I will value at fair market value, replacement value, figure diminished value or cost of repairs, or write separate appraisals for whatever values fit my clients needs.

Appraisals, research, typing: $150 per hour
Rush jobs: written report needed in less than 1 week (minimum $100 extra) $20 per hour surcharge
Weekend & evening appointments: $20 per hour surcharge
Court, expert witness, testimony regarding one of my appraisals $200 per hour (actual time including preparation), by phone, (1 hour minimum), in person (3 hour minimum )
Cleanup, garbage disposal (2 workers, each additional $25.00 per hour) $75 per hour

Some appraisals are neat and clean


Others (ahem) less so

hoards hoards

packedlr3 packedlr4

Obviously the second was more time consuming than the first, but both were completed to my client's satisfaction.

Samples of my writing on request