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I am a professional appraiser of personal property such as antiques, fine art, silver, jewelry, household goods, and the like.

Additionally, I provide services useful in the handling of estates and trusts, such as disposition, cleanup, disposal, repair, equitable division and distribution, shipping, packing, and negotiating with suppliers and providers.

Personal property appraisals:

My appraisals are professionally prepared, with accompanying photographs, always written in comprehensible terminology, and in conformance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. My appraisals are almost always finished within seven to ten days after I first see the property. I charge a reasonable hourly fee, never contingent on the value of the property.
Rush appraisals are usually possible, for an extra fee.

I do appraisals for estates and trusts, insurance, divorce settlement, and property damage claims. I have 38 years of experience in appraising varying types of personal property, with appraisals and property disposition being my sole source of income for the last twenty-eight years. I have many years of experience in the numismatic and philatelic field, having once owned my own retail store. I have also been the primary evaluator of pledged property at a pawn shop.

In the case where specialized expertise is required, I have a network of specialists to appraise those items, including a good working relationships with the major auction houses and their specialty departments.

My principle clients include US Bank Trust Department, Allen Trust Company, Columbia Trust, Bank of the West Trust Department, Pioneer Trust, and numerous attorneys and trust departments in the Portland, Salem, and Vancouver area.

Much of my business is the the Portland area, but I do a fair amount of work in Salem and on the coast, and have worked as far north as Blaine, as far south as San Diego, and as far east as Tyler, Texas.

Details, rates, and samples of my work can be found here

Property disposition:

I use a multitude of disposition methods, depending on the needs and wants of your clients. All sales are performed on a reasonable pre-negotiated percentage basis, normally 40%, but possibly varying with the nature of the sale and the items sold. I offer a full accounting of sales, commissions, and expenses once items are sold, and have complete clean-up and disposal services available.

I do not buy anything from any of my sales, thus eliminating any conflict of interest concerns you might have.

Essentially all of my business is due to referrals from pleased customers, and I have had the privilege of handling over four million dollars worth of property on behalf of my clients in the last eight years.

Details can be found here.

A discussion of the plusses and minuses of various ways of selling is here. So you know, I wrote it, but I've tried to be as unbiased as possible.

Information on previous sales can be found here.

Vehicles for sale can be found here.

Other Services:

I try to provide many services needed by trust officers and personal representatives,
such as cleaning, disposal, repair, and the like (these services are also useful for realtors).

Details can be found here.


The following is a list of some of properties I have sold in last few years on behalf of my clients:

Click on (picture) hyperlink following descriptions to see a photo of the item (no photo available unless the (picture) hyperlink is present)

Sturtevant Hamblen, original oil on canvas (link to Maine Antique Digest article here) (picture)  (auction)  $210,000
Gil Elvgren, original oil on canvas pinup illustration art (picture)  (auction) $40,000
1965 Ferrari 275 GTS  (private sale)   $110,000
3.14 carat round brilliant diamond                                                            (private sale) $ 29,000
Wine cellar of 19 cases of French wine  (private sale) $ 7000
12 bottles of 2002 Salon Champagne Le Mesnil (auction)$12300
Two small Charles Heaney paintings, 9" x 11" & 12" x 16" (picture) (picture) estate sale$ 7250
Springfield Armory 1903 rifle  (internet auction) $ 3503
George Nakashima lounge chair (picture) (auction)15000
22 foot tall NW Indian totem pole (auction) $ 1400
1990 Cadillac Sedan DeVille  (estate sale) $ 9750
Type set of US commemorative half dollars (private sale) $ 14,300
Oxley Miller painting, Sierra Landscape, circa 1905  (estate sale) $ 5000
1961 Porsche Super 90 convertible  (private sale) $ 43,000
Stueben “Aurene” gold iridescent glass vase  (estate sale) $ 1700
2.67 carat emerald cut diamond  (private sale) $ 24,500
Bakelite (plastic) costume jewelry pin (eBay)  $ 834
Alaska brass nickel size token (eBay)  $ 705
Rolex stainless steel watch  (eBay) $ 2557
Nikon F5 camera kit  (eBay) $ 2301
Cedar roof Hippie bus conversion  (eBay) $ 2125
US Silver Dollar 1893-S (private sale) $ 18500
US High Relief $20 Gold PCGS MS-63 (private sale)  $ 23500
US High Relief $20 Gold Unc details, cleaned  (private sale) $ 10000
Gary Larson original pen and ink comic (picture (auction) $9000
1964 Pan Am Poster (picture) (auction) $2250
2 1/2" tall ceramic tinkerbell (picture) (eBay) $344 
Unmarked mohair teddy bear (picture (eBay) $ 1125
1962 Bubblecut Barbie with extra clothing  (eBay) $ 620
Coca-Cola wall clock (eBay $ 595
Sensation #1 Comic book, poor, moldy condition (picture) (eBay) $ 900
Coin Collection (private sale)  $ 37,982
Heinlien Stranger in a Strange Land 1st ed (picture) (auction) $1100
Carl Morris Oil Painting, 1961, 40" x 48" (picture (estate sale) $ 11,878
Japanese Roller Shaped Glass Fishing Float (picture) (eBay) $ 4227
Cloth Cuddle Kewpie Doll  (eBay) $ 1225
Lenci Madonna and Child Ceramic Plaque (picture) (eBay)  $ 3100
Set of Amazing Spiderman Comics Issues 5-400 Fair to NM Condition (eBay)  $ 2908
Set of 14 Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty Circus wood animal figurines (picture) (eBay)  $ 5450
Roseville Sunflower Console set  (estate sale) $ 950
Carved Rhino horn vase  (auction) $ 17000
1836 US $5,purchased at local auction for $490,certified then auctioned   (auction) $ 1300
Eliza Barchus 8" x 15" painting  (estate sale) $ 1800
Maria de Taxco Mexican sterling necklace  (eBay) $ 699
Small statue sitting on an outdoor water fountain (picture) (estate sale) $ 1750
Diamond & Platinum necklace  (estate sale) $ 5100
Coin Collection, bullion gold and platinum (private sale) $128469
Gun collection, 26 in all (auction) $ 17358
Jewelry collection  (private sale) $ 53715
Coin Collection, silver, gold, coin albums   (private sale) $ 43100
Coin Collection, mostly US Gold  (private sale) $117450
Comic Books, Classics Illustrated 1-74 (Canadian) (eBay) $6427
Gold bullion lot, donated to charity and sold by me (private sale) $92302
Winchester rifle and shotgun collection, 103 total (internet gun auction) $188000
6.54 carat diamond, I1 clarity, I color (private sale) $34000
Painting purchased at Goodwill for $20 (auction) $3000